iWitness takes the protective power of video used in home security systems and makes it as mobile as you and your family.

No other personal safety solution offers ALL of the following…

Records video and audio directly to the cloud.
By sending video to the cloud, iWitness provides an unimpeachable
witness to any incident. Since the video isn’t stored on the phone, assailants
cannot erase or destroy the evidence of their actions. 

Captures your GPS location instantly. 
When you feel unsafe, both your friends and law enforcement will know your
exact location, helping ensure that help arrives quickly. 

Automatically initiates 911 dialing. 
In an emergency, panic or lack of time can make dialing 911 difficult or impossible, so iWitness does it for you with one simple touch. 

Emits light and sounds an alarm.
iWitness draws the attention of people nearby, something assailants can’t afford to have happen. This alone may help cut an attack short.  

Notifies up to six personal emergency contacts.
In addition to 911, friends and family members also know you need help. They can call you, view the video captured by iWitness, and even share it with the police.   

Allows you to manage your recordings.
You may review any video you’ve captured with iWitness from your phone or computer… and share it with law enforcement if you’d like.